Under “Suits” I hope to blog about the five suits of Tarot from my own point of view. You will be able to search for them via “Search” but you need to know what I call them.

The Greater Mysteries are known as the Major Arcana in Tarot. These are what storytellers would call the “Ahas” of life. They happen to us, and we respond. Yes, we lead ourselves to them, but we don’t necessarily MAKE them happen. They do happen to all of us and often more than once in a lifetime. If we are amenable, when they show up and we recognize them, we are changed forever.

There are four other suits known as the  Lesser Mysteries or Minor Arcana. They represent our habits, but they are more than just that.  They are the developing stories of our lives. They can wreak havoc in our psyche and they can be blessings (sometimes in disguise).

Commonly, the Minor Arcana suits go by designations that reflect the elemental forces or directions working themselves out in our Earthly existence, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and/or North, South, East, and West. We think of them as initiatic paths, where each card is a step along the way. Our special journey is identified by a mixture of those suits along the way. We don’t go East forever, sometimes we turn 180°! So, it helps to identify those suits by something recognizable and relatable to our lives, I feel and if you’re familiar with the traditional names of these suits, I’ve created a table:

Earth North Coins/Pentacles/ Diamonds Material
Air East Swords/Spades Expression
Water South Cups/Hearts Vessels
Fire West Wands/Clubs Energy

Since, my current goal is to keep the imagery relatable to the last quarter+ of the 20th century and first quarter of the 21st century, our world and general understanding, I hope that the cards will be accessible to anyone interested in learning about Tarot today.

The story starts here in my paradise where I think I've healed as much as I will heal from my brain surgery, and I am close to having an empty nest. I'm *finally* setting a goal to use twelve months for a single project. My goal? To see if I can pull in my focus to create a world of Tarot for you. Find out how an esoteric writer and artist pivots from indecision to decision by putting her skills together.

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