There’s a Card For That!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and, believe it or not, there’s a card for that! Of course, the card can show up at any time of the year. So, does it mean we can celebrate this holiday at any time of the year and under every circumstance? I believe so. I give you my thoughts about the Energy Four card.

I would not remove Energy Four if there were no upcoming celebrations. No way. Yes, this card can even be delivered to a reading when all else seems to be problematic. It is a reminder of the special moments of our lives, no matter how brief. Essentially Energy Four represents our connection, our trust in giving away or letting go of something dearly valued, and it is about equity.

It is sometimes called the “Wedding” card because in the Rider-Waite deck it seems to depict a Chuppah, the four branches with garlands wrapping around them and hanging overhead. Each of the four branches represents a parent of the engaged couple who is getting married under the canopy. So, it is more than just a decoration. Energy Four is a celebration of our relationship, our connection to each other and our letting go of control.

Energy Four can also be related to Sukkoth, the Jewish celebration of the harvest. We have harvested so much that we are giving it away. This is celebrated in the outdoors and is also to remind Jewish people of their travel through the desert and the times when they were helped. It is a festival of giving, receiving and remembrance of times that were not as easy.

We are also told that the First Nation of the Northwest (of Turtle Island/America) people celebrated a holiday of sharing in the fall. They called this potlatch, and it was not only about sharing the abundance of the people, but it was the great equalizer. If any family had more than another it would be given away or destroyed in order to celebrate equity among the people. Imagine that! To make this day not only generous but trusting that balance among us is so valuable we don’t hang on to anything.

The fact is Energy Four can be a simple reminder to us that it is time to be generous with open arms for we are all related. It is time to remember how far we have come. It is time to restore balance among us. May your Thanksgiving be so blessed.

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