Niche Finding

What are we talking about when we say “I’m looking for my niche.”? I’m not sure I really knew until the last few days. Or I was circling it widely. I will call this an Energy Two or Two of Wands situation. Our niche in what we produce has to do with finding an audience, our style, our brand and our voice that are all uniquely our own. Some people fall into it with ease when they are young. They call those people “prodigies”. The rest of us can spend a lifetime surveying the land, waiting and waiting for our ship to come in, not entirely trusting that it ever will. Domaine is a waiting game. 

I have many skills. This makes it more difficult rather than easier for me because I am indecisive most of the time.  Then I tend to do one thing for a while and quit before I’ve really found where it will land. I have no idea where that habit comes from. Wink. SMH. Honestly, the only thing worse than having many skills is being a perfectionist. 

There is nothing about finding a niche that has to do with a lot of skills or perfectionism. Believe me! In fact, it is a whittling down of choices and expectations to those you really enjoy! This whittling and lessening of the things we thought we should do,  finally lead to a niche. It turns out that a niche is one of those “less is more” truths. 

If we expect the world, or if we wait for the world, or if we serve the world, then we do not have our niche where we can speak very clearly and boldly to people like ourselves. This is where we can accomplish the most and still have the most fun. My niche is you, the ones who stay. You’ll see. 🙂 My niche is Women Over 40 and those who love us. So if you are one, or you love one, please stay for the ride with me.

The story starts here in my paradise where I think I've healed as much as I will heal from my brain surgery, and I am close to having an empty nest. I'm *finally* setting a goal to use twelve months for a single project. My goal? To see if I can pull in my focus to create a world of Tarot for you. Find out how an esoteric writer and artist pivots from indecision to decision by putting her skills together.

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