Breaking through to you!

Imagine how people don’t take advantage of studying the cards, even just the images, numbers and about the creators of each kind of deck. To me the primary gift of Tarot is to know ourselves. How deeply we choose to dive into that is varied for sure. Its ancillary gifts are knowing others and even the larger Universe. Perspective, understanding, enlightenment and awe are all included in 78 cards. What a bargain then!


I am still keen on providing the service of card-reading on a weekly basis. I am building up to two readings a day, three or four days a week. I look at our appointments as a sort of therapy or private eye investigation into problems, but these readings are open to lighter subjects too! I run my services mainly during weekdays now, but I may extend hours to one weekend day a week as needed.


I am not a fortune teller at all or a psychic. If you want to know your future exactly, you will need to keep searching.


What we do together is reveal your present and how and why the choices we make now are bound to affect what may be coming. To ourselves we must learn to be true. Nothing in life is written in stone, but how we behave and think, feel and manifest do matter. We have to know we actually have choices!


To make an appointment please go to Contact and share your information so I can reach you. We will discuss what kind of reading or set of readings that will help you out.

Thanks and hope we talk soon!


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