My name is Vivi Sojorhn. Kosmic Egg Project is a path I began when I was sixteen or seventeen years old and came upon The Aquarius Tarot Deck. It was so gorgeous! It spoke to me about the mystical and secret pathways for greater knowledge. I took up playing and reading them right away. Since then I have studied many decks, numerology, occultism rituals, archeology, and hidden and open stories about the human journey. One of the practices I have decided to share as we go through these strange times and monumental shifts in perception is a vision I have through the Tarot of the week ahead. You can study the cards that come up as a personal practice or you can apply it to political, environmental, economic, or as challenges to a movement in your own community. It is not a prediction. It is a study to find how these cards may confirm or challenge our perception of what goes on, and if we can make a pivot to improve our world.


Futurism has also been a path for me. I began reading science fiction before I found my first Tarot deck! I worked in the editorial of STAR TREK for nine years and became very interested in what makes a true futurist and visionary like Gene Roddenberry. This is the reason I chose the title “Kosmic Egg Project” as my unique perspective of what Tarot can give us access to -- both the past and future -- and it is always bigger than just us. The Kosmic Egg Project is a nod to the singularity we experience when we grasp we are One.


Vivi Sojorhn graduated the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1987 with a B.A. in Creative Writing. From there she moved to Los Angeles, CA where she worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years most notably for Paramount Studios working as an Editor on the Star Trek Fact Files. When she left the industry, she began to pursue art and writing full time. For the past two decades, Vivi has taught creative writing, sold art across several different mediums, and pursued her true passion - helping others through the power of Tarot. Vivi currently lives in Colorado with her husband and Shih Tzu, Delilah.