Kosmic Egg Project is the umbrella under which my dreams are hatching. They are:

  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Tarot Deck and Book
  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Project Community (you and me together making and talking about stuff we love)
  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Exhibits (oooooh, more art, more mediums)
  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Market (stuff!)
  • Creation of stories of Kosmic Egg Project (more books!)

Yeah, it seems like a lot to me too, but here’s the thing — what could be better to spend a few decades on? I love Tarot and not just cards but the entire experience of it. This year, August 24, 2018, through August 23, 2018, it is all about the creation of a deck and a book. Keeping it simple. Har.

Tarot to Me

It is for us. Women over 40 years old. Why? Well, I had the greatest lessons of my life before 40 come to fruition during my 40s. It is during my 50s that I’m sorting everything out. I think I have a lot to share as a woman who is resilient and persevering in spite of all that I’ve been through. It’s a lot. You’ll see.

Tarot, in whole, is the secret set of keys to Life’s Treasury, to the rules of the game. Perhaps, in 78-cards, it is deceptively simple. However, wakefulness to the rules set long ago, and that cannot be disavowed, is truly helpfulI’m inviting you to receive a gift of relateable art and symbols that open a trove of Possiblissities™.  It is through insight and understanding of the internal and external world we live in together that we can begin to play.

It goes something like this. When we are asleep or unaware, we feel like the world is unfair and shocking. However, once we understand the rules then we know why we’ve landed in such a situation. Once we have a clue about our situation, we want to learn more about it. We learn more about it and we see more about ourselves. We gather a greater perception that lends itself to compassion for ourselves and others. Life gets more interesting. We stay in the present, we find magic is more accessible and we may arrange better choices and outcomes.

The Kosmic Egg Project is my own self-realization with Tarot. This year is about seeing what can be accomplished towards that goal. Just because I have a ticking clock, does not mean I am producing like an automated factory. In fact, the main goal is to slow down and create a space to experience Tarot anew, as a teacher, a conveyor of wisdom, and to permit experimentation.


My name is Vivi Sojorhn. I’ve been reading Tarot since 1982. I sought answers from Tarot through rough patches, and I expect that when you seek a reading, it is like that — to clear your head and get a fresh perspective. I will continue to read and support you, my friends.  My rates are $15 per card.

Contact me at vivi@kosmiceggproject.com to set up an appointment. Payments will be accepted through PayPal.