There are 5 suits in a Tarot Deck. They represent the Lower and Higher Mysteries. The Lower Mysteries are habits and day-to-day learning that incrementally lead to change. The Higher Mysteries are the Big Ahas of life. They happen and we respond. We cannot change their presence but we can change how we respond.

Inside Out

It may seem like a reversal, and that would be a logical way to look at it, but it is more like being inside and looking out, rather than outside looking in. This is typically a “feminine” way of observing the world. For the last thirty years, my studies have led me in this direction, for better or worse.

Finally! At the Beginning.

Life’s gifts often come from unexpected sources. Unworthy becomes worthy when we have new eyes, when we’ve gone to a library that takes us beyond our knowing.. We have finally closed the door on expectations, and opened a new door with a sign on it that says, “Play!”