The great thing about magic is that it is unpredictable. Goals evolve as we move into them. We set our intentions and follow our will and never know what the outcome will be. This is why perfectionism is a silly illusion to hold onto. The Universe is always better at delivering what we want and what we need than we are at dreaming it up.  Possiblissities™ surround us.™

Kosmic Egg Project is the umbrella under which my dreams are hatching. They are:

  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Tarot Deck and Book
  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Project Community (you and me together making and talking about stuff we love)
  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Exhibits (oooooh, more art, more mediums)
  • Creation of Kosmic Egg Market (stuff!)
  • Creation of stories of Kosmic Egg Project (more books!)

Yeah, it seems like a lot to me too, but here’s the thing — what could be better to spend a few decades on? I love Tarot and not just cards but the entire experience of it. This year, August 24, 2018, through August 23, 2018, it is all about the creation of a deck and a book. Keeping it simple. Har.

I’ll be blogging a few times a week about Kosmic Egg Project and you can search Possiblissities™ any time to find a perspective you need when the world trips you up, and hopefully, you’ll build self-compassion and the motivation to change it.