Readings and Rates

I’ve read Tarot for a little more than 35 years, and like most readers, I have learned a lot over that time. I am not only intuitive, as seems to be the popular word to use for reading Tarot, but I am learned in the alchemical, historical and magical symbols of each card. Where I might indeed have a feeling about a querant (the person getting the reading) and the reading, I will take the meaning of the card and sort through those things I know about the card until I feel I’ve found as close to as spot on a piece of advice as I can give.

My favorite deck to use for reading is the Rider-Waite deck, which is not as traditional as it may seem, being 100+ years old. The reason I prefer it is that I feel like the imagery on the Lesser Mysteries is more accessible than “pips” like those you see on a playing deck of cards. I like the pictures!

Because I feel that my knowledge of each card AND my intuition are at work in every reading, I charge $15 per card. So a spread of 13 cards, like the Zodiakal Wheel, will be 13×15=$195. A single card reading is $15. A three-card reading is $45, and so forth. I am payable through PayPal.

I am booked out in advance, so send me an email at to set up an appointment. I will send you a couple of possible times. I read on WhatsApp or we can talk on the phone for 10 minutes, and then I will get off the phone and do the reading in a recording and send that to you via Google Drive Share, plus a photo of the reading. So you can invest as little as ten minutes of your own time in the process with me.

Extras include a written report of your reading for future study, or a follow-up call with me the next week. The cost of each of these depends on the size, number of cards, in a reading.

Remember Tarot is to give you greater perception of your situation. It will not answer a yes/no, right/wrong question very effectively. So consider what your open-ended (How, Why, Where, Who, When) question before you contact me. I look forward to working with you!