Begin your journey with Tarot and let it guide you past the dark side of the moon.

3 Card Reading


The way we use three cards could include:

  • Role played, Issue and Challenge
  • Past, Present and Future
  • Comparing three different solution

5 Card Reading


The way we use five cards could include:

  • Five days of the business week to focus your intentions
  • Elemental Spread for clearing (air, water, earth, fire and quintessence)

7 Card Reading


  • The Cross -- cards include The Role played, Issue, Challenge, Immediate Past, Immediate Future, Unconscious, and Release
  • Relationship Spread comparing comparing what each party in bringing to the heart of the relationship’s situation
  • The Horse Shoe - allowing you to harness all the potential and past experiences for a specific situation.

Celtic Cross Reading


It begins with “The Cross” reading above in the Seven-Card reading, and adds an additional four cards for greater understanding of your influences, environmental experience, your hopes and fears, and ultimately the outcome you can expect in a specific situation. This reading is for study and return over a 3-month period in the querent's life and can only apply to one or two possible situations. 

Zodiakal Wheel Reading


For new beginnings, new years and birthdays. It covers the 12 Astrological Houses and their influence on us over the year to come. And the center card is the role we are meant to play mainly in response to the Houses. There are thus 13 cards.

Customized Reading

Price Varies 

Looking for something different? Please contact me for further options. 


Looking forward to getting to know you!

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