Inside Out

Before I go any further with creating this blog/website, the deck of cards and the writing, I feel it is necessary to explain myself on a particular point. You are beginning to see some differences between my deck and the traditional Tarot deck, and I don’t do this lightly. It may seem like a reversal, and that would be a logical way to look at it, but it is more like being inside and looking out, rather than outside looking in. This is typically a “feminine” way of observing the world. For the last thirty years, my studies have led me in this direction, for better or worse. From inside the Temple of Tarot, we are growing, evolving, and from the outside looking in we are seeing a way into the magic. We are growing internally to externally in Kosmic Egg Tarot, as it may have been before. The consequence of changing gender seems surface-y at first, but it is not so for me. 

The Sorceress for instance, as opposed to The Magician, is not less than. She is a Solar Goddess! She is equal but different. She uses magic perhaps in a subtle, yet a practical way. The actions she takes to change the world. As above, so below, but inside first then outside. The Hold Two card is not about young lovers, but now it is about the sustainable love and healing of older years, and yet we are always at the beginning. It makes sense that The Architect is initiated into the Temple and thus the shadows of the pillars are opposite because he is looking into the Temple, and permitting the initiates to go out into the world in service of the secrets learned inside.

We will carry on with these inside-out interpretations of the world of Kosmic Egg Tarot and discover what we discover. I have never done the entire deck this way, but I’ve started to read reversals in a regular Tarot deck as the “inner” work of the cards. It is very fulfilling to imagine the work this way, unready somehow for the external world, but profoundly alive. We are growing possiblissity inside the Egg.