Traditionally this has been called either Cups or Hearts, but I wanted to examine more deeply what that meant in a modern world. We do make our way through life with Starbucks cups after all, but the suit is so much more than that. It is through containment or limitation that we often find our truth. It is through the discomfort of having no place to go that we face ourselves and find our freedom. Essentially, we are forced to feel, dream and intuit the deep truths we otherwise distract ourselves from. You may have heard someone say, “I will hold the space for you to feel…” or you might imagine your desire to hold onto a dream that has escaped. I hope to find 10 images that depict the sinking in of the way that we hold onto our dreams, feelings, and intuition.  Whether we are healing or being overwhelmed by life, these experiences are symbolized in the way we Hold them. The Court Cards for this suit will be as the other three — the Novice, the Advocate, the Embodiment and the Sage.