Lightning actually starts from the ground and reaches up to those thunderous clouds. It also starts up in the clouds and reaches down to the ground. I think this is interesting to think of when we look at the suit traditionally known as Wands. Energy must always be thought of as multi-directional. It hasn’t yet created that thing but it is the fuel for the engine, that light that leads and follows, and momentum that keeps us going. What motivates us to lead or follow? What forces us to learn new things? How do we learn to trust our own creative inspirations? Where do we belong? What makes us passionate enough to carry on through challenges and our own doubts? These are the questions that have risen and fallen in me through this suit, and I hope to find the right 10 images to create a fire that both warms and frightens us. The Court Cards will be as other suits — the Novice, the Advocate, the Embodiment and the Sage.