I’m using the term “expression” to identify what has been traditionally known as the “Swords” suit because it can be easily substituted for “words”. In the past I often said, “Swords” is just “Words,” with the “S” removed, but after all these years I’ve come to think of the suit not only as words but as all the ways we express what is in us through invention, the use of our brains to defend and offend, manipulation and advocating and yes, also words. We create all sorts of ways to express our morals, our intentions, our concepts, and philosophies, and so I want freedom to explore 10 images that might express what I have seen in my lifetime, that serve as similes and metaphors for the way all of us communicate with each other for good and for bad. The court cards will express the four levels of expertise in expressing — the Novice, the Advocate, the Embodiment and the Sage.

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