Matter, earthly forces, True North, gems, money, reality, products, and embodiment are the material understanding we have of life. This suit of cards relates best in Qabalah to Malkuth, the sephirot in the tree of life where all the energy and creativity, feelings and dreams, expressions and tools come to fruition. I’d say this suit is the closest suit to the Major Arcana, therefore, because it holds all the other Minor Arcana Suits within its abundance. It could be also thought of the furthest in that it cannot be what it is without all the other suits in action.

In Kosmic Egg Tarot my plan is to use 10 expressions of things that have been made and are successful or failures in my lifetime. Hopefully, we can consider then how they relate to all that is part of the Tarot cosmology for the suit of Pentacles or Disks. The Court Cards will be the people best known for their productivity at the levels of Novice, Advocate, Embodiment, and Sage.